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Quality Pearls

Only A Grade or Better...

Pearls are graded for quality, with "A" grade being better than a "B" or "C" grade. In fact, most of our pearls are "AA" grade, which is better than "A". Many of our items feature "AAA" grade pearls, which are among the best quality freshwater pearls on earth.

Because of advances in science and techniques over the years, our freshwater pearls today rival the quality you could only find in saltwater pearls in the past. The days of freshwater pearls only being available in odd shapes are over.

Pearl jewelry is valued on the quality of the pearls AND how well the pearls are matched for shape, size, luster, color, cleanliness and texture of surface (see How to Shop).  Since our entire production process is done by hand, we can produce the highest quality pearl jewelry on the market today. With Love The Pearls, you don't have to worry about our pearls looking chalky, milky, or discolored in the future because they are high grade. The density of the nacre makes all the difference for a pearl to keep its luster over time.

We suggest you match pearl sets by buying them at the same time.  Love The Pearls fulfillment associates go to painstaking measures to match earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants for color and size at time of order.  Besides, buying pearls at the same time will increase the likelihood of buying pearls from the same harvest, which will also increase the value of your purchase.