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Pearl Production

Love The Pearls production of collection quality pearl jewelry

Having complete control of the culturing, harvesting, sorting and design, and production of pearl jewelry gives our customers a HUGE advantage.  First, we choose the best of the best pearls grown for the highest quality freshwater pearl jewelry.  Second, we eliminate mark ups associated with producers, importers, brokers, representatives and retailers.

Below is an overview of our production of pearl jewelry.  Be sure to ask your local distributor if you have any questions.

Pearls are cultured on pearl farms in Asia  
  At harvest, pearls are removed from the mullosk shell and replaced with an irritant that will become a future pearl
It takes 22 pounds of white pearls to find one natural pink pearl  
  Pearls are meticulously sorted to by size, shape, quality, and color to insure the highest value of jewelry possible
Each pearl is drilled by hand in the precise location that will allow the pearl to drape perfectly in place on its strand