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Our Customers

Loyal and Knowledgeable

Our typical customers may already have some pieces of fine pearl jewelry and therefore are somewhat (if not very) educated about buying pearls.  (If you need helpful information, please visit our Glossary or How to Shop guide).  They not only see the excellent value Love The Pearls brings with our direct to consumer selling process, but also know how versatile pearls are as a fashion accessory.

Many of our customers are repeat buyers.  Since Love The Pearls offers a variety of pearls and designs, there is always something unique and original (especially with our baroque pearls) to be found at a Love The Pearls event.  Our baroque pearls are symmetrical pearls in irregular shapes, but perfectly matched and set in exclusive designs that make Love The Pearls jewelry truly unique.

Our regular customers love to anticipate the new designs Love The Pearls introduces three time a year.  The quality is excellent, the designs are fashionable and exclusive, but the best part is the shopping!  Love The Pearls events are fun,educational and entertaining.   Who wouldn’t want to see what’s new at a Love The Pearls event?