Entertaining, Informative and Fun!

Keeping members happy is how clubs stay healthy.  We continue to deliver the best events in the history of country clubs, yacht clubs and exclusive private clubs nationwide!

Our events are well suited for luncheons, dinners or cocktail parties because they are relaxed and enjoyable social experiences.


We make it easy to host a spectacular Love The Pearls event.  There’s no cost to the clubs and we provide complete promotional support. Each attendee receives a free pair of pearl earrings. The most exciting part of the event are the free door prizes!

“This was the second time I have attended the Pinot & Pearls event at the Clubs of Cordillera Ranch in Texas. This year was especially exciting because my number was drawn for the 60” strand of pearls. Thank you for the gift and for creating such a fun event at the club.”

Your club members (and their guests) will be entertained and fascinated by our award-winning presentation “The Wonderful World of Pearls”, followed by a social shopping experience of our exclusively designed, top grade pearl jewelry. During the presentation our pearl expert will share expertise about:

  • Pearl farming and production
  • How to shop for pearls like color, shape, type, origin, and quality
  • Caring for pearls
  • The fascinating look at the past, present and future of pearls

We have several program themes with different presentations, so when we are invited back the presentation is always fresh.

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