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Private Club Events

An Entertaining and Educational Social Experience!

Private Club EventLove The Pearls private club events are relaxed, fun and entertaining.  (See photos of past events here.)

A pearl expert from Love The Pearls will present an award winning presentation, “The Wonderful World of Pearls”.  During this presentation you'll learn:


  • Pearl Varieties
  • Culturing and Production
  • Pearl History
  • The Mystique of Pearls
  • Grading and Quality
  • How to Shop


Most events include fabulous pearl gifts and door prizes.  And, after the presentation, you'll be able to shop an incredible selection of exclusive Love The Pearls designs in a relaxed setting.  Since Love The Pearls IS the manufacturer, we can offer you direct-from-the-producer pricing at up to 75% off retail.

So, whether you're looking for a great afternoon out, or looking for something special for yourself (or someone else), DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!  You'll be glad you came!