Our Jewelry

Tahitians, South Seas, Freshwater, White, Black, Pink, Gold and more!

The most exciting part of the event is shopping the largest assortment of high quality necklaces (A Grade or better), earrings, bracelets, rings together in one place. You will see more types of pearls at a Love The Pearls event than you’ve ever imagined. Although some of our classic pieces are made with round and oval pearls, we’re famous for taking the beauty and uniqueness of baroque pearls to create intriguing, stylish, and unique designs.

Meticulously sorted by symmetry, color and luster, and double knotted by hand, every piece we offer is the highest quality. You will not find a selection of pearl jewelry like this anywhere in the world. In addition, our platinum and sterling clasps, chains, and findings are high quality as well as low maintenance.

We take great pride in our hand-crafted quality and guarantee all of our products against defects in workmanship.

Here’s a small sample of styles we’ll bring to your Love The Pearls event:

Our marquee style is a Chanel-inspired 60 inch rope of pearls.  One of these ropes is given as a door prize at every event.  This piece can create 16 different looks!  This ‘how-to’ video will give you easy step-by-step instructions.

Rope Play Thumb

There are many ways to wear a rope of pearls.

Watch the video!