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Accessorize & Customize

Go ahead, try it on!

Olga accessorized this classic pearl strand with her own black onyx pendant.

One of the things guests love about Love The Pearls events is trying on the jewelry. Never have so many pearls been brought together in one place for you to try on. With the vast assortment of types, sizes and styles, you’ll find exactly the combination that’s right for you.

Whether you are accessorizing pieces together (to the right) or finding your own 'look' with one of our styles (below), you'll find to possibilities endless.  So, go ahead and try it on! Get exactly what's right for you.

Our Chanel-inspired 60 inch Rope of Pearls can create 16 different looks! Use the photos below to see how versatile one piece of jewelry can be. Be sure to watch this 'how-to' video for easy step-by-step instructions.