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Bridal Jewelry

For the Bride

The most popular color for pearl bridal jewelry is white. However, some brides prefer cream or golden pearls to match their wedding gowns. We find most brides like the Premium 18” Reserve Necklace because it is stunning and yet simple. This piece features the most premium grade, semi round 9mm to 10mm graduated pearls.

Another popular selection is the Braided Pearl Necklace that weaves pearls with silk and is sheathed in sterling silver, plated with platinum. Gorgeous!

Of course, Love The Pearls has many stylish and traditional pieces to choose from that may satisfy a bride's particular taste. Many Brides love the Double Strand with Oval Pearls, brilliant white, with one strand of large semi-round pearls, and the other with smaller ovals. The White 18” Classic Necklace is also very popular because its elegance is perfect on her special day, but will also be a staple in her wardrobe for years to come!

With all of the necklaces mentioned above, a pair of Pearl Studs is perfect companion piece. Love The Pearls is proud to offer the Pearl Studs at $59, and the necklaces range from $99 to $399, an incredible savings of 80% over retail prices!

For the Bridal Party

Bridesmaids and Attendants will cherish the White 18” Classic Pearl Necklace, which will compliment the Bride’s selection perfectly!

Another option for Bridesmaids and Attendants is the White 18” Oval Necklace that features a smaller more delicate strand of pearls, which may be an appropriate alternative. Love The Pearls also has designed a Sterling Chain with Single Pearl that features one large, semi round pearl and two sliding sterling silver beads. Whether it’s white, peach/pink, or lilac, this piece is beautiful.

Ensemble pieces for Bridesmaids and Attendants include Pearl on French Hook Earrings and White Memory Twist Bracelet. The French Hook earrings are fun and versatile, yet simple and elegant (available in white, peach/pink, or lilac). The Memory Twist Bracelet wraps three times and adjusts to most wrist sizes naturally.

All of the suggestions for Bridesmaids and Attendants are excellent gestures of your appreciation. With Love The Pearls, your budget won’t have to be in the thousands, because the necklaces range from $99 to $149, the French Hook Earrings are $59, and the White Memory Twist Bracelet is only $59.

For the Mother of the Bride

Mothers (and certain special others) provide a lifetime of support that can be duly recognized with unique and beautiful pearl jewelry. Our Coin Pearl Necklace is a gorgeous, multicolor necklace that can be worn forever in both formal and casual attire. The Triple Strand Multicolor Necklace is a limited edition piece that is guaranteed to leave an indelible impression on the weddings guests, and the Mother of the Bride. Our Double Strand Pearls with Ovals is more classic and enduring. The Double Strand is available in white, as well as natural peach or lilac for a splash of color. The most thoughtful gift of appreciation is to Mix and Match strands for that perfect piece. With a sterling silver clasp ($39) you can choose from an assortment of $99 cascading strands that can create something special for that someone special.

The Double and Triple Strand Necklaces are affordably priced at $149 and $249, respectively. The Coin Pearl Necklace is only $199, which would be an incredible savings if you could find it anywhere else!

Of course, we offer Oversized Pearl Stud Earrings (at $99). They are 9mm to 10mm and make a dramatic and thoughtful gift.