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Tahitians, South Seas, Freshwater.
White, Black, Pink, Gold, and more.

Quality, value, and the largest assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more...You will see more types of pearls at a Love The Pearls event than you've ever imagined. Although some of our classic pieces are made with round and oval pearls, we’re famous for taking the beauty and uniqueness of baroque pearls to create intriguing, stylish, and unique designs.

Meticulously sorted by symmetry, color and luster, and double knotted by hand, every piece we offer is the highest quality. You can not find a selection of pearl jewelry like this anywhere in the world. In addition, our platinum and sterling clasps, chains, and findings are high quality as well as low maintenance.

We take great pride in our hand-crafted quality and guarantee all of our products against defects in workmanship.

Below are just a few of the multitude of designs available exclusively at a Love The Pearls event:

60" Rope of Pearls

Coco Chanel loved the 60" Rope of Pearls, exclaiming, "Every woman should have ropes  and ropes  of pearls!"  Our 60" strand of freshwater baroque pearls have great symmetry.  This classic and versatile piece will be a favorite in your collection for the rest of your life.  

60 Inch Rope of Round Pearls
Multi Color Pearl Strand

Multi-Color Triple Strand

This multi-color triple strand was originally designed for an affluent private client.  There are several shades of natural pink pearls in this necklace, which are quite rare.  We offer this great piece at a fraction of its retail price. 

Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Coveted for their rarity, beauty and appreciating value, our collection of Black Tahitian Pearls includes full strands and single pearl pendants with diamonds.  Our private clients at special events are able to acquire these premium quality pearls directly from us at prices well below market value. 

Classic Oval Pearl Necklace

Classic Pearl Necklaces

Classic pearl necklaces are timeless and elegant.  We produce classic strands in graduated oval and round pearls in single, double, triple and a five strand design (as shown). These strands make the perfect gift for someone special (including yourself).

Collection Quality Oval Pearls

We produce high quality freshwater cultured pearls -- with most everything we produce exceeding Grade A quality.  This oversized oval pearl necklace is "AAA" grade and exquisitely matched for color and size

AAA Grade Oval Pearl Necklace
Pearl in Sterling Necklace

Assorted Sterling Necklaces

Our vast assortment of pearls creatively set with sterling silver (platinum plated to eliminate tarnish) are casual and elegant.  Everything pictured here is extremely affordable -- and they make great gifts too!

Natural Pink Pearls

We must harvest over 20 lbs. of white pearls to get one single Natural Pink Pearl.  These rare pearls can be found in a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings at Love The Pearls club and special events.  It is important to understand that our "natural" pink pearls are genuine quality.  They are not dipped or dyed.  The classic oval strand of AA Grade Natural Pink Pearls shown here is a special occasion piece, at an everyday price.